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About Salem
Salem Massachusetts may be known for its history of witchcraft but it is actually an extremely pleasant city in which to live in and work in or visit. Salem is a conveniently located coastal city with much to offer both residents and visitors.

Salem Willows is an oceanfront park with spectacular views of Salem harbor. Here you will also find beaches and children's amusement rides as well as refreshments and a video arcade. Downtown Salem offers convenient shopping and also outdoor dining and night time entertainment.

If you enjoy museums there are plenty here that will interest you. We highly recommend the Salem Witch Museum and the House of the Seven Gables along with the Peabody Essex Museum among the many others

Pickering Wharf is Salem's gateway to all seafaring activities. From there you can hook up with a Lobstering and Lighthouse cruise or visit the Salem Museum of Myths & Monsters. You may also wish to shop in some of the finest stores and dine in any of three of the best restaurants the city has to offer.

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Youth Strength & Conditioning

When: Nov 1, 2014 12 AM to Dec 26, 2014 12 AMin Salem, Massachusetts (Sat, 01 Nov 2014 00 )
Boot Camp

When: Nov 2, 2014 6 AM in Salem, Massachusetts (Sun, 02 Nov 2014 06 )
TRX Plus

When: Nov 6, 2014 9:15:00 AM in Salem, Massachusetts (Thu, 06 Nov 2014 09:15:00 )
Salem Swim Team - Group 1

When: Dec 1, 2014 12 AM to Aug 31, 2015 12 AMin Salem, Massachusetts (Mon, 01 Dec 2014 00 )
The Witchcraft & Ghost Experience evening ticket
Select your show time for our spectacular evening witchcraft & ghost experience! Evening showtimes start at 4:15pm. ADULT evening ticket - $12.00 CHILD evening ticket - $8.00

When: Oct 22, 2014 5:15:00 PM in Salem, Massachusetts
Cost: $8.00 - $12.00 (Wed, 22 Oct 2014 17:15:00 )
Dream Visits and Messages from the Dead
Dreams are one of the most powerful forms of contact with the dead, and have been documented for centuries. The dead visit in dreams at the time of their transition, soon after they have died, and occasionally after a long time has passed since death. Their visits have different purposes: to ease grief, deliver messages, dispense personal advice and warnings, make requests, and reveal the afterlife. Dream visits with the dead are intense and realistic, and are strikingly different from ordinary dreams. This workshop will cover how to distinguish visitation dreams from ordinary dreams; how to interpret them; and how to integrate their healing energy. It will also cover techniques for dream sending into the afterlife, and tips for dreamwork in general and ways to improve dream recall. Participants are invited to bring one or more dreams involving the dead for group discussion. Rosemary Ellen Guiley is the author of 59 books on metaphysical and paranormal topics, including seven books on dreams, among them Dream Messages from the Afterlife and Dreamwork for Visionary Living. She has been a dreamwork facilitator since the early 1990s. Adult - $30.00

When: Nov 15, 2014 7 PM in Salem, Massachusetts
Cost: $30.00 (Sat, 15 Nov 2014 19 )
Notox, Mamá Ladilla(Spain), Los Bungalitos, Empty Vessels
NoTox: Mamá Ladilla: (noun. ma'mah la-dee-jaw) All the way from Madrid Spain celebrating 20 years of progressive toilet punk. Since their first demo in 1994 Directo A La Basura (Live from a garbage can) to their 2014 EP Bilis (bile) this trio have created some of the most brilliantly absurd music from the old continent. This november they'll visit New England to present their latest musical spawn (out now on Rod. Ponch. Records) and confuse the already confused masses. Free spanish class at every show* For fans of Nomeansno, Victims Family, Eskorbuto, Dead Kennedys, Toy Dolls, Rosetta Stone, Mastodon, Primus, La Polla, Ramones,Paco De Lucia etc. Los Bungalitos:

When: Nov 17, 2014 9 PM to Nov 18, 2014 1 AMin Salem, Massachusetts
Cost: 5 - 5 USD (Mon, 17 Nov 2014 21 )
Rory Raven's Magic Lantern Tour
Historian and author Rory Raven guides you through the darkened streets of Salem witha truly mesmerizing walking tour. Filled with tales of history, ghosts and murder, this walking tour stands out from the crowd by using “magic lantern effects” bringing stories to life right in front of you. Enjoy a flute of champagne before each tour to toast the dearly departed! Departs From Gallows Hill Museum/Theatre. Tour is limited to 45people! Tickets: $18.00, includes champagne toast. (One per person.) Magic Lantern Tour Combo Ticket! Want to see The Witchcraft & Ghost Experience too? Then get The COMBO TICKET! It’s a $3.00 savings and is good for any Gallows Hill Daytime show, no reservation needed. Just click on “BOOK IT” and select the Combo Ticket.Combo ticket: $23.00 Magic Lantern Tour Combo Ticket - $23.00 Admission - $18.00

When: Oct 25, 2014 7:15:00 PM in Salem, Massachusetts
Cost: $18.00 - $23.00 (Sat, 25 Oct 2014 19:15:00 )
Ghosts & Legends Trolley 2014
Adults: $23 Child $15Tues / Wed / Thurs at 7:pmFri / Sat at 6pm 7pm and 8pmSundays 6pm and 7:pm.Allow 60 minutes.Trolley does not run on Halloween, October 31st. Tickets on sale now for October,2014 Board the Ghosts & Legends Trolley and get ready for a thrilling ride as an eerie and sinister guide takes you on a journey through the darkened streets of Salem. Hear stories of witches, ghosts, murder and more. You’ll see The House of the Seven Gables, the old cemetery, Winter Island and much more. Perfect for any age, this frightening, amusing, and entertaining ride sells out quickly, so buy tickets now!Ghosts & Legends Trolley departs from Gallows Hill, 7 Lynde Street, Salem, MA 01970Please arrive 15 minutes prior to tour time. The trolley leaves PROMPTLY the designated time.Tour is approximately 50 minutes.Remember to dress warm!Want to see Gallows Hill too? Then get:Ghosts & Legends Trolley/Gallows Hill Combo ticket Want more fright for your buck? Go for the combo ticket! Immediately before your Salem Trolley tour, you’ll enter Gallows Hill for our live witchcraft and ghost experience. Its an incredible show with frightening characters and special effects. A perfect combination for your visit to Salem during Haunted Happenings! Adults: $30 (Save $4) Child $20 (Save $3) HERE’S HOW THE COMBO TICKET WORKS:Combo ticket holders for the Ghosts & Legends Trolley will see the Gallows Hill main showBEFORE the Trolley departure.6pm ticket holders will see the 5:15 pm show.7pm ticket holders will see the 6:15pm show.8pm ticket holders will see the 7:15pm show. Adult Trolley - $23.00 Child Trolley - $15.00 Adult Trolley / Show Combo - $30.00 Child Trolley / Show Combo - $20.00

When: Oct 22, 2014 7 PM in Salem, Massachusetts
Cost: $15.00 - $30.00 (Wed, 22 Oct 2014 19 )
Messages from the Spirit World: An Authentic Salem Seance with Marion Hedger & Willie Rosario
Step into the Spirit Parlor of OMEN and experience the mystery of an authentic séance in Salem with spirit mediums Marion Hedger and Willie Rosario. Reverends Marion and Willie have been able to communicate with the spirits since childhood and will help to connect you with your loved ones on the other side. Our loved ones often reach out to us from beyond and, with an uncanny ability to communicate with those who have crossed over, Marion and Willie have helped thousands of people to reach through the veil of mortality, helping to reunite the living and the dead. The seance will open with a blessing of protection and welcome those who have crossed over to visit. Participants will then be guided through a relaxing meditation to open the channels of awareness and synchronize everyone in the room to the spirit energies present. At this time, Marion and Willie will open themselves to the messages of the spirits and guides. They may also employ automatic writing, psychometry, and other messages of communication to clarify the messages coming through. Bringing an object worn by someone departed can be helpful in making the connection. A short time is also allowed for participants to share mediumistic messages that they receive, should they come through. While not everyone will necessarily get a message, everyone will experience the wonders of spirit communication in a classic Victorian seance setting and discover that death is not the end but merely a doorway though which we all must pass! Finally, the seance will conclude with a blessing of gratitude and thanks. Please note: An authentic séance is conducted with honesty, accuracy, and a deep respect for those in this world and in the next. It is not a theatrical attraction but rather is for those who wish to make a real connection with the spirit world. This event is for 18 and over, but we will allow ages 16 to 18 allowed if accompanied by parent. No latecomers shall be permitted under any circumstances! Tickets are also available in person or by calling OMEN at (978) 666-0763. seating is limited to 30 people. adult - $35.00

When: Oct 24, 2014 8 PM in Salem, Massachusetts
Cost: $35.00 (Fri, 24 Oct 2014 20 )
Ken Steiner
w/Jazmen Jazz Brunch

When: Nov 16, 2014 11 AM in Salem, Massachusetts (Sun, 16 Nov 2014 11 )
Preschool Swimming II - Preschool Swimming II - Saturdays 9:00 AM

When: Nov 1, 2014 9 AM in Salem, Massachusetts (Sat, 01 Nov 2014 09 )
Preschool Swimming II - Preschool Swimming II - Mondays 10:15 AM

When: Nov 3, 2014 10:15:00 AM in Salem, Massachusetts (Mon, 03 Nov 2014 10:15:00 )
Preschool Swimming II - Preschool Swimming II - Thursdays 5:15 PM

When: Nov 6, 2014 5:15:00 PM in Salem, Massachusetts (Thu, 06 Nov 2014 17:15:00 )
Preschool Swimming II - Preschool Swimming II - Mondays 5:15 PM

When: Nov 3, 2014 5:15:00 PM in Salem, Massachusetts (Mon, 03 Nov 2014 17:15:00 )
Teen Strength & Conditioning - Tues. & Thurs.

When: Nov 4, 2014 4 PM in Salem, Massachusetts (Tue, 04 Nov 2014 16 )
Big Ol' Dirty Bucket
Age Limit: 21+

Big Ol' Dirty Bucket

When: Oct 31, 2014 8 PM in Salem, Massachusetts
Cost: $35 General Admission / $60 VIP (Fri, 31 Oct 2014 20 )
Big Ben Hillman the Professor of FUNK

When: Nov 15, 2014 9 PM in Salem, Massachusetts (Sat, 15 Nov 2014 21 )
Erin Harpe
Erin Harpe

When: Dec 31, 2014 9 PM in Salem, Massachusetts (Wed, 31 Dec 2014 21 )
Boot Camp - AN Training Purposes

When: Nov 13, 2014 5 AM in Salem, Massachusetts (Thu, 13 Nov 2014 05 )
Branching Out: Trees as Art

The Peabody Essex Museum presents “Branching Out,” an exhibition that addresses the role that trees play as inspiration and medium in contemporary art. “Branching Art” includes work in a wide variety of mediums, from carving to music composition.

When: Sep 27, 2014 12 AM to Sep 20, 2015 12 AMin Salem, Massachusetts (Sat, 27 Sep 2014 00 )


Tuesday, December 2, 8:30 – 10:30 a.m. | Free

Why do bankers say, “Cash flow is king?” How is cash flow different from profit? This workshop and its simple but realistic class exercise will help you understand cash flow, assess when you will need capital, and position your business for bank financing.

Speaker: Paul Shaughnessy, Founder, Lincoln Payroll Services.

Sponsored by MA Small Business Development Center.

When: Nov 20, 2014 8 AM to Nov 20, 2014 10 AMin Salem, Massachusetts (Thu, 20 Nov 2014 08 )
Viking Jesus(Kris Hansen)

When: Dec 20, 2014 8 PM in Salem, Massachusetts (Sat, 20 Dec 2014 20 )
The Replicas
Join The Replicas for a take-no-prisoners night of booty-shaking fun.

When: Nov 8, 2014 8 PM in Salem, Massachusetts (Sat, 08 Nov 2014 20 )
Salem - Young Adult Home for the Holidays

When: Dec 1, 2014 12 AM to Dec 1, 2014 12 AMin Salem, Massachusetts (Mon, 01 Dec 2014 00 )
LPV Lunch & Lead: Cracking the Codes- The System of Racial Inequality

Join us!

View this thought-provoking film in a safe space followed by a discussion.  We will explore issues of racial inequality, bias, priviledge, and structural systems.  The film is divided into three sections.

Lunch provided.

You are welcome to come to one session or the whole series.

Cosponsored by: Baystate Health and Regional Anti-Racism Initiative

When: Nov 5, 2014 12 PM to Nov 19, 2014 1 PMin Salem, Massachusetts
Cost: Visit for pricing. (Wed, 05 Nov 2014 12 )
"The Judy Garland Show: The Christmas Special" Starring Peter Mac
A Judy Garland Christmas Special Starring Peter Mac

Back in 1963, the legendary star of stage and screen Judy Garland starred in a now-iconic Christmas special on CBS. Tribute artist Peter Mac steps into Garland's high heels in a salute to this beloved TV event. Mac, a self-described "male actress" who's portrayed the late, great actress to audiences and critical acclaim for over a decade, is known for his seriously fun and loving tributes to Garland during which he breathes new life into her classic performances. Renowned for bringing a nuanced glimpse into Garland's complex personality and inner life, Mac was awarded the 2012 Southern California Motion Picture Council Golden Halo Award by Garland's co-stars Mickey Rooney and Margaret O'Brien for his respectful, stunningly accurate portrayal.

When: Dec 6, 2014 8 PM in Salem, Massachusetts
Cost: COMP - $35.00 (Sat, 06 Dec 2014 20 )
"The Golden Girls Live On Stage: A Drag Parody! The Lost Christmas Episode"
Christmas Is a Drag With The Golden Girls: The Lost Christmas Episode

Audiences loved the long-running NBC sitcomThe Golden Girls, tuning in weekly to laugh at the often bawdy antics and hilarious quips of geriatric roomies Dorothy, Blanche, Rose and Sophia. Now, you can be a live audience member as Opus Underground presents an affectionate stage- show parody with an all-male cast portraying the silver-haired ladies live on stage as if they'd never left their Miami home. Enjoy a new episode that never was: "The Lost Christmas Episode." This loving and hilarious homage to the (mostly) gray-haired gals includes their Christmas recollections.

When: Dec 7, 2014 3 PM in Salem, Massachusetts
Cost: COMP - $35.00 (Sun, 07 Dec 2014 15 )
High Hopes Band

When: Oct 31, 2014 8 PM in Salem, Massachusetts (Fri, 31 Oct 2014 20 )
The Future of the new Life!!

Welcome to helping this kids

Our passion and love is for helps kids with differents types of cancer to have a better day, a better life. Making they happy and have wonderful days make ourself feel proud with us and God. This fundraiser include a lot of different colaboration from others organizations, hotels, restaurants and more. You are avalible to eat whatever you decide it and helping us to get our mission with this event, buying the different kind of things that we are going to provide this day. We would have the honor to enjoy with you this adorable cause.


When: Jul 16, 2016 4 PM to Jul 16, 2016 8 PMin Salem, Massachusetts (Sat, 16 Jul 2016 16 )
Model Citizens
Come join Model Citizens on Friday 11/21 for our return to the Gulu-Gulu in Salem!! Known for the best beer selection on the North Shore, and indie vibe, the Gulu is a most perfect host. Also, it happens to be Tommy's birthday! Hope to see you then... Model Citizens

When: Nov 21, 2014 8 PM in Salem, Massachusetts (Fri, 21 Nov 2014 20 )
Jimmy Hat

When: Nov 1, 2014 10 PM in Salem, Massachusetts (Sat, 01 Nov 2014 22 )
Lydia Harrell

When: Nov 20, 2014 9 PM in Salem, Massachusetts (Thu, 20 Nov 2014 21 )

When: Nov 28, 2014 8 PM in Salem, Massachusetts (Fri, 28 Nov 2014 20 )
Goodnight, Captain White
History Alive! presents Goodnight, Captain White Salem's hysterical history-mystery Written by Mark Stevick. Directed by Jill Miriam Rogati. With Brett Johnson, Matt Schwabauer, Dave Babcock, Anne Colpitts, Beth Pearson, Conor Burke, Carl Schultz, Austin Meuller, Taylor Jones and Audrey Claire. at the historic OLD TOWN HALL, 32 Derby Square, Salem, MA It's 1830. "All friends and well wishers are invited to attend" the retirement party of Captain Joseph White's favorite ship, the Caroline. But this magnanimous invitation lures a host of enemies and ill-wishers into the perfect opportunity to murder the rich, old captain. Allegiances twist and turn. Foibles are exposed, depravities revealed. It's up to the audience and an under cover Daniel Webster to figure out who-dunnit and how. The creators of Cry Innocent give Salem a crime to laugh about. "A hysterical interactive whodunnit"--Salem Evening News "Dashedly clever"--Georgetown Record "quick-witted, playful"--Weekender "A zany who-done-it. It captivates you. Four stars!"--The Eagle Tribune Reviews Around The Web! "Rich with innuendo, and relies on a talented cast for improv and audience interaction" -- Destination Salem

When: Oct 24, 2014 7:15:00 PM to Oct 24, 2014 9 PMin Salem, Massachusetts
Cost: 38 - 38 USD (Fri, 24 Oct 2014 19:15:00 )
Pat Conway
w/ Crunchy Monkey

When: Oct 25, 2014 9 PM in Salem, Massachusetts (Sat, 25 Oct 2014 21 )
Coed Pick-up Volleyball

When: Nov 3, 2014 8 PM in Salem, Massachusetts (Mon, 03 Nov 2014 20 )
Ali Manion- Paul Speidel Band

When: Nov 4, 2014 8 PM in Salem, Massachusetts (Tue, 04 Nov 2014 20 )
Sail Salem Holiday Fundraiser with Gary Jobson

Please join us for an evenening of fun with freinds and fellow sailors!

There will be light hors d'ouvres, a cash bar, a live action and Mr. Jobson's presentation.

Gary Jobson is a world class sailor, television commentator and author of 18 books on sailing.  He is editor at large of Sailing World and Cruising World magazines and is a vice president of the International Sailing Federation.

Jobson won awards for his coverage of the 34th America's Cup, the Olympic Games in South Korea, and the 2006 Volvo Ocean Race.

When: Dec 3, 2014 6 PM to Dec 3, 2014 8 PMin Salem, Massachusetts
Cost: 35.00 true Admission 35.00

(Wed, 03 Dec 2014 18 )
Someone Else's Country, Photographs by Jo Ratcliffe

Oct 18, 2014: 10 am - 4 pm (Sat)

When: Oct 22, 2014 10 AM in Salem, Massachusetts (Wed, 22 Oct 2014 10 )
Haunted Dinner Theater - Ding Dong, The Witch Is Dead!
When: Oct 24, 2014 7 PM in Salem, Massachusetts (Fri, 24 Oct 2014 19 )
The Woods

Oct 18, 2014: 10 am - 5 pm (Sat)

When: Oct 22, 2014 10 AM in Salem, Massachusetts (Wed, 22 Oct 2014 10 )
Age Limit: All Ages


When: Oct 31, 2014 5 PM in Salem, Massachusetts (Fri, 31 Oct 2014 17 )
North Shore Elder Services 2014 Annual Meeting

Keynote address by:

Dr. Gregory Bazylewicz

Chief Network Development Officer, Lahey Health

Address topic:

"Quo Vadis? Lahey's Journey toward Population Health Management"

When: Oct 23, 2014 8 AM to Oct 23, 2014 10 AMin Salem, Massachusetts
Cost: Suggested donation - $15.00 General Admission

(Thu, 23 Oct 2014 08 )
Pitch Black Ribbons
You have plenty of time to mark it in your calendars.

When: Nov 15, 2014 8 PM in Salem, Massachusetts (Sat, 15 Nov 2014 20 )
Portal to the Spirit World: Through the Necromanteum with Rosemary Ellen Guiley
Join paranormal expert Rosemary Ellen Guiley as you voyage into the shadowy doorway that bridges our world with the afterlife! Since ancient times, darkened mirrors have been used as powerful portals to the spirit world, their silky black depths summoning forth the dead to reunite with the living. Your astral ship shall be the mysterious necromanteum, “the place of the dead.” Travel into the mirror world, where you'll have the opportunity to see, hear, and communicate with loved ones who have passed through the veil. Highlights of Your Voyage Through the Necromanteum Discover the ancient tradition of the necromanteum and the power of mirror gazing Drink from a dreamlike elixer of herbs that will relax your mind and body as you prepare for your journey into the other realms. Part the veils of time and space in a gentle guided meditation Make contact with the dead as you wade through the dark currents of the mirror world Learn ways to maintain your connection to the afterlife upon your return Complete your voyage with light refreshments, offered to living and dead alike, as you share and discuss experiences with your fellow voyagers This powerful journey is limited to 25 people. Be sure to wear comfortable clothing and bring a photo or personal memento of someone with whom you wish to reunite. This will help you to envelop yourself in the world of the dead as you peer through the mirror of your soul! About Rosemary Ellen GuileyRosemary Ellen Guiley is a leading expert on spirit communication, the paranormal, and contact with the dead, spirit guides, angels and other beings. The author of more than fifty books, Rosemary has studied and engaged in different forms of spirit contact, and is trained as a facilitator in mirror gazing (also called the psychomanteum) by Dr. Raymond Moody. She is a frequent guest on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory and has appeared on The History Channel, A&E, SyFy, The Discover Channel, Animal Planet, and the Travel Channel. General Admission - $50.00

When: Oct 30, 2014 7 PM in Salem, Massachusetts
Cost: $50.00 (Thu, 30 Oct 2014 19 )
American Red Cross Blood Drive
When: Nov 14, 2014 1 PM in Salem, Massachusetts (Fri, 14 Nov 2014 13 )
Age Limit: All Ages


When: Nov 14, 2014 9 PM in Salem, Massachusetts (Fri, 14 Nov 2014 21 )


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When: Oct 15, 2014 1 AM to Oct 25, 2014 12 AMin Salem, Massachusetts (Wed, 15 Oct 2014 01 )
Time Management

"Do you feel like you are always on the run from one activity to another? Time has become more precious as professional and personal demands increase and our ability to manage multiple tasks and schedules diminish. In this session, you will learn proven techniques for managing time effectively. You will analyze how you currently spend your time, review time-wasters and set new priorities, based on your values and goals. You will also learn how to combat procrastination and develop a personal action plan that takes into account the balance and achievement of career and personal goals." Lifescope Wellness Seminar

When: Dec 5, 2014 10 AM to Dec 5, 2014 11 AMin Salem, Massachusetts (Fri, 05 Dec 2014 10 )

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